Freefall is a new web series about five friends stumbling through their first year of college.

With sex, drugs, the beginning of friendships and the depth of heartbreaks, Freefall is an emotional mosh-pit that slams through the insanity of freshmen year.  Based on true stories, Freefall follows the freshmen year adventures of Blair, a stuck-up and gorgeous sorority girl who can’t say no; Cleo, a damaged drug addict trying desperately to start over in college; Parker, who thinks college is a party that will never end; Selena, a beautiful and intelligent Latina intent on getting all A’s; and serious Luke, hiding a secret from back home that threatens to follow him to school.  As the five friends navigate their way through the first year of school, they discover the real education is outside the classroom – and it will take all they have to survive.



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